Referring Doctor’s Information

In choosing our service your patient will benefit from :

  1. A proceduralist with greater than 25 years experience and a commitment to ongoing education. A low complication rate ( less than 1:1,000 for retained products , less than 1:1,000 for cervical adhesions, less than 1:1,000 under 5 weeks missed pregnancy) and mid-trimester expertise.
  2. Specialist anaesthetists with a long experience in womens health service delivery.
  3. Qualified and experienced staff with commitment and compassion
  4. One day appointments with phone consultations prior to theatre
  5. Bulk-billed Ultrasounds on the day of procedure or prior if you wish .
  6. Independent day surgery unit ,where other surgery is routinely performed,. Thus a higher level of confidentiality.
  7. 24 hour access to operating Doctor 0428388819 for patients and doctors.
  8. Low cost . Fully refund direct-billing Medicare and Private Health Insurance
  9. Routine satisfaction surveys for quality assurance.

To download our Doctor referral form please click here.