Family Planning


Contraceptive Pill, Family Planning Melbourne, Abortion MelbourneStaff at the clinic have extensive experience in the area of contraception & Family Planning. They take the time to work through contraceptive problems and aim to find the option best suited to the individual woman.

Options include:

IUD’s, Diaphragms, Pills, Injections, Rings and Hormone Rods and Natural Family Planning.

Unplanned Pregnancy And Abortion

Experienced staff are available to counsel women about unplanned pregnancy, discussing the full range of choices. Attention is given to the special needs of every woman, including spiritual and religious issues where relevant.

If the decision to have an abortion is made, this service can be provided in accredited day surgeries around Melbourne. Second trimester abortions can be performed under local or general anaesthetic.

New IUD/ Rod clinic in Melbourne’s West


Affordable insertions and options . Please phone for an appointment.