Confidentiality, Privacy & Records

Your personal details will be kept strictly confidential, however to provide good quality comprehensive health care it is necessary to collect some personal information from you.

Your personal health information would not be disclosed to other people unless your consent is obtained and recorded, or as prescribed by law e.g. a court subpoena, other reporting or access requirements by authorities.

This is required for:

  • Administration purposes
  • Billing purposes, which includes our compliance with the Health Insurance Commission and Medicare
  • NB: Information may be passed on to third parties in order to recover any outstanding monies owed, for example, for pathology or debt collection agencies.  You may incur further costs if such action is necessary.
  • Others involved in your care including nurses, doctors and sometimes others outside the practice including specialists, pathology, ultrasound and x-ray staff to whom you may be referred.
  • Health insurance funds for those wanting to make a claim from their private health insurance.
  • Research and quality assurance monitoring which is necessary to improve the quality of care and practice management, may involve disclosure of patient details or statistics that are collected for Government health departments.  Collection of data for government organisations is always de-identified.

Under the Privacy Act and State legislation, you are entitled to access information collected about you and included in your medical record, except in some circumstances where it might legitimately be withheld.  In such a case you are entitled to a written explanation. There is a charge for time and resources involved in meeting your request, which is inline with state legislation guidelines. You may request an amendment to your personal information if it is incorrect. Your records will be destroyed after 7 years.

You can download a copy of our Patient Consent form by click here.