Thursday's, Some Tuesday's & Some Friday's available at St Albans

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For Surgical Abortion in Sunshine text 9-5 Monday to Friday, it outside these times your call is registered and we will get back to you.



If you wish to do an abortion over the phone.

$300 with Medicare

You will need to have a positive blood group and we can arrange an ultrasound if you have not got a report

Please Text 0448 885 855

Abortion MelbourneFor appointments over 12 weeks or pathology queries please complete form or call Dr Jones 0428 3888 19.

"Still the safest and quickest option for abortion"

Abortion Clinic's in Melbourne suburbs operating and consulting from St Albans.

Surgical and Medical Abortion.

We provide excellence and safety in women’s healthcare. The Women’s Clinic provides confidential services exclusively for women.  Abortion (Pregnancy Termination), Family Planning, Contraception and Counselling. The Women's Clinics around Melbourne are here to help you when experience really does matter.  Trusted, confidential, and still the safest and most cost effective option for pregnancy termination.

Surgical abortions from $350 with your Medicare Card.
Medical abortions from $250 with your Medicare Card or Health Care Card (including your ultrasound).
TELEHEALTH abortions over the phone from $300 with Medicare Card.

Services include:

New Family Planning Clinic

Affordable insertions of Rods and Intra-uterine devices. Now in Melbourne's West.

We operate at locations in a 20km radius around Melbourne - at ACCREDITED HOSPITALS ONLY!

"When experience really does matter"

Download Abortion Information

Abortion Information

Qualified and experienced staff can explore a full range of options regarding an unplanned pregnancy. You are supported during the process of decision making when faced with this unexpected situation. Dedicated attention is given to the special needs of every woman and extra sensitivity is given to spiritual and religious needs where relevant.  We have a helpful article written by our doctor on 'Spirituality & Abortion' available by email on request.

Our Philosophy of Patient Care is to provide women with choice:

  • Women who are clear about their decision can elect to have a one day procedure.

Or Alternativley

  • Women needing support in a decision making process or have related concerns can have an appointment with our experienced staff.


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For Medical Abortion or Consultation Book Below (Ultrasound with Doctor is included)

Before booking for a Medical Abortion

  1. You must have a green Medicare Card
  2. You must be between 5-8 weeks ( Please check from the 1st day of your last period )
  3. Please read the information on Medical Abortion

Cost is $250 for the appointment plus Medicare $40-50 to buy meds at Pharmacy or health care card $6.

Diagnostic Imaging Service Accredited